MANUSCRIPTA MEDIEVALIA: from Codicology to Codex Conservation

9-10 июля 2018 года

Grabar Art Conservation Centre

MANUSCRIPTA MEDIEVALIA: from Codicology to Codex Conservation. In memory of Galina Bykova (1928–2017)

July 9, Monday

10:30 Inna Mokretsova. (Moscow, State Research Institute for Restoration). Galina Bykova’s Activity at the Moscow Research Institute for Restoration in1960s – 1980s

11:30 Elina Dobrynina, Vladimir Kochetkov. (Moscow, Grabar Art Conservation Centre). Old-Russian Evangeliary of the Second Half of the14th c.: New Aspects of Complex Restoration

12:00 Ekaterina Morozova. (Moscow, Grabar Art Conservation Centre). Experience in Restoration of Medieval Parchment Charters with Pendant Wax Seals

12:30 Polina Voykhanskaya. (Moscow, Grabar Art Conservation Centre). Restoration and Attribution of Re-Used Fragments of Latin Illuminated Manuscript of the15th – early 16th cc.

13:00 Daria Smirnova. (Saint-Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum). Restoration of Russian Charters of the17th c. at the State Hermitage Museum

Break 13:30 – 14:30

14:30 Georgios Boudalis. (Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Book and Paper Conservation Department). The Early Codex and the Crafts of Late Antiquity

15:00 Valeriy Igoshev. (Moscow, State Research Institute for Restoration). Pskov Gospel Covers with Icons on the Top Board of the 14th – 17th cc.: Typology, Stylistical and Technological Specificities

15:30 Sergey Kudryavtsev. (Saint-Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum). Crafting Technology of Clasps for Bindings of Cyrillic Books in the 17th – early 20th cc.

16:00 Evgeniya Shchukina. (Saint-Petersburg, State Russian Museum). Experience in Restoration of Gospel Miniatures at the State Russian Museum

16:30 Visiting the Department for Scientific Research and Restoration of Parchment Manuscripts (3rd floor, room 305)


July 10, Tuesday

10:30 Boris Fonkich. (Moscow, Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Palestinian Ductus of Byzantine Majuscule

11:00 Кonstantinos Choulis. (Athens, University of West Attica, Department of Antiquities and Works of Art Conservation). Byzantine Decorative Tools. Any Relation with the Text?

11:30 Alexander Lifshits. (Moscow, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”). Decorative Element and Commentary on It: A Note in the Ancient Arkhangel’skoye Gospel

12:00 Engelina Smirnova. (Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, State Institute for Art Studies). On the Dobrilovo Gospel Miniatures dated to 1164

12:30 Maria Orlova. (Moscow, State Institute for Art Studies). Spasskoye Gospel and Its Place in Russian Culture of the First Third of the13th c.

Break 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 Gennadiy Popov. (Moscow, Central Andrey Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art). Zarayskoye Gospel dated to 1401

14:30 Alexey Sirenov. (Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg Institute of History of Russian Academy of Sciences). Late Inscriptions in the Parchment Charters to Vladimir Uspensky Cathedral

15:00 Anatoliy Turilov. (Moscow, Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Forget and Little-Known Russian Manuscripts of the First Half of the15th c. with Neo-Byzantine Ornament

15:30 Yuriy Gribov. (Moscow, State Historical Museum). Russian Illuminated Manuscripts of the Mid-17th c., Made in Kazan (New Attributions)

16:00 Watching a Fragment of the Documentary “Preserve for Descendants” (1986)